About the Trials

There will be three qualifying trials held on three different farms. Top 18 dogs will run in the Final on the fourth day.

Each field will be judged by the same judge for both days.

Each trial will have a marquee / stall with food and drinks (hot drinks may not be available) and toilets.



Points will be gathered during the three days of Open Trials, to qualify for the Top 18 and compete in the final double gather. The points will be calculated by each dogs 3 scores which we will add together. If dogs end up on the same score, we will calculate OLF, Drive and so on.


Scalpsie Trial

Our 1st Trial will be held at Scalpsie Farm.

The Scalpsie Trial will be run on a mixture of Highlander and Aberfield Ewes on one of the Farms shore fields.


About Scalpsie Farm:

Scalpsie Farm carries a herd of about 180 suckler cows, mainly “Saler cross” cows with Charolais calves at foot, and about 1,000 breeding ewes consisting of 150 Herdwicks and 850 Highlander and Aberfield Ewes.

Farmed by Ian and John Dickson, the farm is producing “lamb and beef” which is sold mainly through Scotbeef to supply Marks & Spencers as well as our own local butcher “The Isle of Butchery”, Rothesay and Bute Kitchen. 

Scalpsie Sheepdogs are run by Lisa who has taken a keen interest in breeding and training working dogs. She also runs a small number of self catering Accommodations at Scalpsie Farm.


Date: 12th and 13th of July 2024

Course Directors: Ian Dickson & Lisa Gast

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Ardros Trial

Our 2nd Qualifying Trial will be held a Ardros Farm.

The qualifying Trial at Ardros Farm will be run on Scottish Mules.


About Ardros Farm:

Ardros Farm stretches over 680 acres between St Ninians Point at the Straad along to the shores of Ettrick Bay. Surrounded by breathtaking views Ardos Farm is home to new tenants Emma, Ewan and their son Len. 

Emma and Ewan are running a mixture of Scottish Mules and Texel Crosses as well as a herd of suckler cows. Ardros Farm is on the way to become an organic certified farm and strives to produce organic and quality meat approved Scottish lamb and beef.

Emma and Ewan also have a keen interest in breeding and training working Sheepdogs and have recently started an online Sheepdog Training School. 


Date: 11th and 12th of July 2024

Course Directors: Ewan Irvine & Emma Gray

Plan Trial

Our 3rd Qualifying Trial will be held at Cathinka and Archie Paterson’s, The Plan Farm. The trial at Plan Farm will be run using homebred Scottish Blackface hoggs.



About The Plan Farm:

Situated on the most southern tip of the island, The Plan Farm is a 1500 acre hill farm. It is surrounded by the sea on three sides, and enjoys spectacular views across the Sound of Bute to the Isle of Arran. Archie and Cathinka work on the farm together, with their wee boy Alexander. The Plan Farm runs mostly Scottish Blackface Sheep, breeding mainly mule lambs with the best ewes kept pure. They also run a herd of 50 beef cows. 

Cathinka breeds and trains working sheepdogs, and runs Plan Farm’s Shepherd’s Cottage, the farms holiday accommodation. 

Date: 11th and 13th of July 2024

Course Directors: Archie & Cathinka Paterson

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Final Trial: Double Gather Championship

£1000 Jackpot

The Top 18 dogs that have qualified through the first 3 Trials at Scalpsie, Ardros and Plan Farm will compete for the title of “Trials of Bute Champion” and the sizeable jackpot of £1000.

Date: 14th of July 2024

Course Directors: Trials of Bute Team